Friday, August 16, 2013

Medical transcription outsourcing: Helps improve healthcare services

Medical transcription is the process of converting the audio records of the patient-healthcare professional encounter into a text format. Medical transcription plays an important role in providing support to the healthcare process. Outsourcing medical transcription provides the following benefits:

  • By reducing costs: Outsourcing medical transcription to a professional medical transcription service provider helps the healthcare facility to restrict cost of transcription. Usually the medical transcription service provider would be quoting a rate that is based on a particular rate, per line of transcription. This limits the cost to just cost per line of transcription. Moreover the extra costs incurred for varying volumes of transcription, holiday and weekend transcriptions would be curbed. The medical transcription service provider could provide a complete solution for the complete medical transcription needs of the healthcare facility.

  • By providing timely and accurate information: Timely and accurate information is essential for the healthcare professional to make informed decisions. By providing medical transcription services that are accurate and timely, the service provider would be aiding the healthcare professional in the healthcare process. The healthcare professional can make informed decisions rather than depend on memory or guesswork. A well-transcribed report is especially useful, when it involves a long-term treatment plan or when the patient is not in a position to provide pertinent information or when further referrals/tests are required.

  • By conserving healthcare facility resources: By outsourcing medical transcription the healthcare facility can conserve many of its precious resources like capital outlay, management staff, real estate, utilities, Information technology, advertising budgets and also time of the healthcare professionals.

  • By allowing healthcare professionals to optimize their limited time: Outsourced medical transcription services would allow the healthcare professional to utilize their time optimally. Many medical transcription service providers allow healthcare professionals to retain familiar modes of dictation this helps them save time. Moreover technology features like automatic uploads, downloads, powerful archiving, remote printing and faxing options help the healthcare professionals conserve their time, which would have otherwise been utilized for these functions.

  • By improving the receivables cycle: Medical transcription is the first step in the process of reimbursement, by providing accurate and timely information. When medical transcription is outsourced to a professional medical transcription service provider, information is available in a timely and accurate manner, thus quickening the receivables cycle.

  • By providing protection against litigation: Outsourcing medical transcription to a professional medical transcription service provider ensures that the information from the patient-healthcare professional encounter is captured accurately, and the confidentiality of this data is protected during the process. This ensures that there is no breach of security ensuring zero legal hassles. The transcripts also provide valuable backup for the treatment plan administered including dosages, procedures etc, forming a valuable part of the evidence against malpractice.
Medical transcription is a valuable service that aids the process of healthcare Outsourcing medical transcription to the right service provider can help improve the efficiency, decrease cost of transcription and quickens the process of reimbursement.

TransDyne is a professionally managed medical transcription service provider that has been in the business of providing outsourced medical transcription services for over a decade.

TransDyne offers medical transcription at reasonable prices, done by expert medical transcriptionists with a very quick turnaround time executed through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of accuracy and all this with technology that is advanced but easy to use.

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